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Jiu yi ba  九一八 9-18, September 18, 1931 Mukden (Shenyang) Incident Wong Nai Chong Gap 黃泥涌峽 Gap on rocky Hong Kong island where one can go from north to south. San nian ling bage yue 三年零八个月 The 3 years and 8 months (of Japanese occupation) Kempeitai 宪兵队 The Japanese Military Police Yingjun Fuwutuan  英军服务团  The British continue reading >>
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In this latest installment of the CHP History of Hong Kong overview we look at the years from Governors Nathan to Peel.  The modern age comes to Kong Kong along with plenty of fallout and spillover from the upheavels going on in China in the 1920′s and 30′s. This was a period when the great continue reading >>
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In this fifth installent of our Hong Kong history overview we look at the final couple decades of the 19th century.  Hong Kong’s second generation is coming to the fore.  They are a better educated and more sophisticated lot than those Chinese who came before them. This time period saw the governorships of MacDonnell, Kennedy, continue reading >>
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We continue this overview series on the history of Hong Kong.  This time we pick up right after the Treaty of Nanjing and look at the early efforts to get this colony up and running.  The first couple decades of Crown Colony of Hong Kong weren’t easy and many considered throwing in the towel early. continue reading >>

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TERMS FROM THIS EPISODE Chuanbi Caoyue 穿鼻草约 The Convention of Chuen-pi Nanjing Tiaoyue 南京条约 The Treaty of Nanjing Qishan 琦善 Manchu official and Elliot’s counterpart in negotiations Daoguang Emperor 道光帝 Emperor of China during the Opium Wars Huangpu 黄埔 Port of Whampoa Amoy 厦门 City of Xiamen in Fujian, referred to as Amoy in the old continue reading >>
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In part two of Laszlo’s overview of the history of Hong Kong, we look at the Canton System and the leadup to hostilities that culminated in the Treaty of Nanjing that ceded Hong Kong in perpituity to the British crown.  In this episode we’ll get as far as the Convention of Chuenpi of January 20, continue reading >>
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Laszlo is back after another long delay.  In this shorter than usual episode, The China History Podcast presents Part 1 of a multi-part series that will explore the history of Hong Kong. In this introductory episode, Laszlo starts at the very beginning and traces Hong Kong from the Devonian Period all the way up the continue reading >>
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In this episode we introduce American Sidney Rittenberg, 李敦白,known by the title of his 1993 book  as “The Man Who Stayed Behind.”  He arrived in China in his 20′s at the end of WWII and witnessed the Chinese Revolution from a front row seat. When the US pulled out of China after the war, Sidney continue reading >>
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In this longer than usual episode, we feature the three giants of the Jesuit China Mission of the 16th and 17th centuries.  In addition to their work in introducing Catholicism to China, these three men, Matteo Ricci, Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest made a collective contribution to the scholarship of China that continue reading >>

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This episode we look at Wang Xizhi, a man of letters who achieved greatness during the Eastern Jin dynasty and is called China’s greatest calligrapher.  His life and achievements will be explored along with the significance of calligraphy in Chinese culture.  We’ll also recall those crazy times in the fourth century AD. TERMS FROM THIS continue reading >>
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