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The China History Podcast

Since 2010, Laszlo Montgomery has presented The China History Podcast, bringing you the greatest hits from ancient and modern Chinese History. 

Mar 20, 2014

We’re going to begin a new series that will look at political, social, and cultural life in the late Northern Song. The second the last emperor Huizong will serve as our vehicle to examine this period in the late 11th and early 12th century China. University of Washington professor Dr. Patricia Buckley Ebrey has...

Mar 2, 2014

We’re going to finish off the last 45 years of Morris Two-Gun Cohen’s life in this extra-long episode. With Sun Yat-sen now gone, Morris Cohen worked hard to reinvent himself and remain relevant in the world of Chinese business and politics.

Morris will hit some highs and lows in this episode as he tried to leverage...