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The China History Podcast

Since 2010, Laszlo Montgomery has presented The China History Podcast, bringing you the greatest hits from ancient and modern Chinese History. 

Jun 28, 2014

I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea in 2021 to resurrect this old episode from mid-2014 that tells the mostly forgotten story of Wong Chin Foo (王清福). His spirit is alive and well in many of today's Chinese-Americans who are standing up to anti-Asian sentiment across the country. Like Wing Chin Foo did in the...

Jun 1, 2014

In this final installment of the history of the life and times of the emperor Huizong, we look at the series of events that followed the Jürchens’ Seige of Kaifeng in 1126-1127.  What followed was the Jingkang Incident, which for centuries made the Chinese bow their heads in shame.  

The entire Song imperial family...