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The China History Podcast

Since 2010, Laszlo Montgomery has presented The China History Podcast, bringing you the greatest hits from ancient and modern Chinese History. 

Aug 31, 2015

In this episode, Laszlo focuses on the history of Chinese Americans in the early years of Hollywood.  The period will focus on the 1920s to the 1950s. 

During those years Asian Americans had a rough time in Hollywood trying to break away from stereotypical roles. This episode takes a closer look at the lives of Anna May...

Aug 15, 2015

This time Laszlo finishes off the Qin in two parts as promised. Apologies for the lopsidedness of it all. In this extra-long episode, Laszlo takes the Qin to their height and examines their legacy. The Qin Dynasty had a spectacular fall lasting only a few years after the early death of its founder Qin Shihuang.

Aug 2, 2015

In this first of two episodes, Laszlo gives Qin Shihuang, the subject of the first-ever China History Podcast episode, a total makeover, complete with better sounding audio, and even more information than the first go-around.