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After a holiday delay, Laszlo is back with the 7th and almost final episode of our overview of Ezra Vogel’s new biography of Deng.  In this episode we look at the meat and potatoes of the Reform years from 1979 to 1989.

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In this sixth installment of the Deng Xiaoping overview we focus in on 1978-1979.  In this episode we see Deng return to power a third time.  Deng immediately throws all his energy into advancing the cause of modernization in China.  The age of reform takes off in earnest. But first he has to deal with continue reading >>

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This week’s episode looks at the exciting events that all went down in 1976.  Deng Xiaoping is on the defensive thanks to his 1975 policies to revive the nation.  But a concatenation of events will happen starting on January 8 and ending on October 6 that will both  bring Deng back and rock China. But continue reading >>
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After a bit of a delay, this week we look again at Deng Xiaoping and his struggles during the Cultural Revolution Years from 1966 to 1975. Seems we still have a long way to go yet. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a possible new iTunes Feed for the China History Podcast.

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Today in Part 3 of our Deng Xiaoping overview we look at The Great One’s life from 1952 after his return from the Southwest Bureau all the way up to the start of the Cultural Revolution.

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This time we continue on with our overview of the great leader Deng Xiaoping.  We pick up in 1937 with the invasion by Japan, the civil war and the founding of the PRC. We examine Deng’s achievements all the way up to 1952, the year he left the Southwest Bureau and returned to Beijing to continue reading >>
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Laszlo is happily back in Cali with a new episode that looks at the early years of Deng Xiaoping.  Most of the narrative is based on passages gleaned from Ezra Vogel’s new biography of The Great One.  Inspired by the events of May Fourth 1919, Deng Xiaoping was a lifelong revolutionary and by the end continue reading >>
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This time we take a look at four Westerners who committed their lives to the People’s Republic of China.  These four foreigners, Agnes Smedley, Anna Louise Strong, George Hatem and Israel Epstein were all friends of China and were admired by China’s leaders.  Upon their deaths they were given the honor of internment at China’s continue reading >>

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Today we jump over much of the history of the 1940′s and zero in on the moment when the PRC was officially established on Oct 1, 1949.  Today’s podcast episode offers a general overview of the first year of the PRC and some of the multitude of challenges Mao and China’s new leaders faced.
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Before we head back to modern times, we look at the mythological beginnings of the Chinese people and the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.  This period preceded China’s legendary Xia Dynasty and the beginnings of Chinese recorded history in the Shang.

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  This week we look at the immortal Zhou Gong, the Duke of Zhou.  If he isn’t the most revered person from Chinese history, he’s certainly in the top three.  He guided the earliest years of the Zhou Dynasty through treacherous times.  Zhou Gong was responsible for building a great amount of the foundation from continue reading >>
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This week’s episode runs a little long as there won’t be anything for the following week.  Today’s episode looks at the life and interesting career of Sir Robert Hart (赫德), an Ulsterman from Northern Ireland. For most of his life he lived in China in the employ of the Zongli Yamen.  Though his official title continue reading >>
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Mid-Autumn Festival takes place every year on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar.  This year that date falls on September 12.  The Chinese world will be celebrating the holiday in very much the same way that generations have enjoyed going back to ancient times.  Families will get together and stroll continue reading >>

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Thanks to RL in Hefei for the inspiration, this week we take a look at  China and Japan’s difficult history.  We focus on the historical events that led to “2,000 years of friendship and 50 years of confrontation,” as CPCCC member Zhao Qizheng 赵启正 said recently in the People’s Daily.  We look at the background continue reading >>
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Today we’re back with more history.  We look at the Shanghai Massacre of April 12, 1927.  This was the defining moment when Chiang Kai-shek and his allies and supporters made a bloody break with the Communists.  
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The 1920′s in Republican era China was anything but quiet and uneventful.  In this episode we focus in on the general situation in China during the period of the early 1920′s.  This was a time when the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and KMT (Kuomintang) were in the same bed dreaming their different dreams.  It was continue reading >>
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We close out our little overview of Daoism by looking at the most powerful and popular Daoist deities. In this episode you will meet the Three Pure Ones and the Eight Immortals with a focus on Lu Dongbin and Zhongli Quan.
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More Daoism this week. We look at Zhuangzi and trace the development of Daoism during the classical age from the Han Dynasty to the Tang
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In this week’s episode Laszlo tackles Daoism, a philosophy, a religion and way of life that everyone has heard about but not everyone learned the backstory.  This time we look at the history and the times that spawned this most fertile of philosophies. In later episodes we’ll dig a little deeper and look more at continue reading >>

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Today we have some lighter fare than usual.  Nine months ago we looked at one great Hong Kong tycoon, Li Ka-shing.  Today we look another.  In this episode we look at the life and career of entertainment mogul Sir Run Run Shaw and the Shaw Brothers organization. Born in Ningbo in 1907, along with his continue reading >>
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Thanks and 非常感谢 to listener Steaven who alerted me that the July 1st podcast was cut-off two thirds of the way through.  After rallying the entirety of the resources here at the China History Podcast, we were able to resolve the problem and have re-uploaded this episode. Our profoundest apologies.  In commemoration of the festivities continue reading >>
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In this episode we look at the life of one of the bravest and greatest adventurers of ancient times.  Zhang Qian was selected by the Han Dynasty Emperor Wu to make a political alliance with a distant central Asian people, the Yuezhi. Zhang Qian’s thirteen year journey to the west between 138 BC and 126 continue reading >>

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May 4, 1919 was an historic day in modern Chinese history.  The demonstration in Beijing and the subsequent movement brought seismic changes to Chinese culture, politics and literature.  All the leaders of modern China who played a founding role in the establishment of the PRC were influenced by the writings and ideas that grew out continue reading >>
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The Qing Dynasty formally came to an end on February 12, 1912 when the last emperor Puyi abdicated.  That same year the Republic of China was founded and had a very rocky start.  In today’s episode we look at the immediate aftermath of the Xinhai Revolution and what happened right after Sun Yat-sen handed the continue reading >>
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In an effort to bring some understanding to the recent proposed call for a resolution to formally acknowledge and express regret for banning Chinese immigration and other violated rights of the Chinese settlers, we examine the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act. The resolution was introduced by L.A.’s very own Rep. Judy Chu, the first continue reading >>

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非常抱歉大家! Sorry for the few day delay.  In a special collectors edition of the China History Podcast we review the Imperial China overviews of the past eight months.  We’ll quickly review the whole period from 2200 BC to 1912.  You can now follow the China History Podcast on Twitter @LaszloCHP.  Next time I’m late, I continue reading >>
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In this episode we conclude our eight month overview of Chinese Imperial history from Yu the Great of the Xia Dynasty to Puyi of the Qing.  After more than half a century of tragedy, upheaval, national humiliation and plenty of mass death and destruction, the Qing dynasty ends in 1912. Now as China takes her continue reading >>
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This week we look at China during the Tongzhi Era and part of the reign of Guangxu. This period from 1875 to 1895 is more of the same for China.  More humiliation at the hands of foreigners.  More scrambling to modernize. More imperial skullduggery.  More military defeats. By the time of China’s disastrous defeat after continue reading >>
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We’re almost at the end of our Imperial China History Overview.  In this segment of the China History Podcast we look at the continued misfortunes in China during the Xianfeng era, as the country is torn apart by the Taiping and Nian rebellions and revolts in the west.  The western powers, following the 2nd Opium continue reading >>

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Here we begin the turbulent, bloody and historically humiliating 19th century in China.  The first half century sees two emperors, Jiaqing and Daoguang stand by helplessly as China is torn apart by uprisings, anti-Manchu discontent, a financial crisis, opium addiction on a massive scale, foreign invasion and the usual deadly floods and other natural disasters.  continue reading >>
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In this episode we look at the bittersweet reign of the Qianlong emperor.  The longest reigning emperor in Chinese imperial history, the Qianlong era saw the most splendid three decades for the Manchu’s of the Qing Dynasty.  China reached its greatest territorial extent and was still the marvel of the world.  But during the second continue reading >>
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In this episode we examine the Yongzheng emperor, the second of the three great Qing emperors who reigned during the most golden of times for the Manchu dynasty.  A tireless emperor who was a wizard at managing the machine of state, he reigned for only thirteen years before his son later brought the Qing dynasty continue reading >>
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In this first episode covering the Qing Dynasty we look at the Shunzhi emperor and his son, the Kangxi emperor.  The 61 year reign of the Kangxi emperor was the longest in imperial Chinese history.  The Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong eras saw the Qing dynasty reach its greatest heights and China was economically the wealthiest continue reading >>
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We finish off our overview of the Ming Dynasty in this episode and also trace the rise of the Manchu’s.  The period from the Jiajing emperor to the tragic suicide of the Chongzhen emperor saw a slow and steady decline in the fortunes of  the Ming dynasty.

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In today’s  episode we look at Ming Dynasty China from the reigns of Xuande to Jiajing.  This period in Chinese history was witnessing momentous changes.  The dynasty suffers a terrible debacle in 1449.  Portugal was becoming a regular visitor and sets up down in Macao.  This was also a time when evil self-serving eunuchs spread continue reading >>
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In this week’s episode we examine the second great emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Yongle [Yong - Leh] emperor who reigned 1402-1424.  This tireless emperor waged campaigns against the Mongols in the north, the Vietnamese in the south and sent sailing expeditions throughout Asia, the subcontinent and the east coast of Africa to engage continue reading >>
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Laszlo is back, finally, after a longer layoff than expected.  This week we look at the end of the Yuan dynasty and the founding of the Ming Dynasty.  We look at the first emperor Ming Taizu, a.k.a. The Hongwu Emperor.  With the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, once again Chinese are in control of the continue reading >>
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This week we take a break from the history to look at the background and the traditions surrounding Chinese New Year.  Laszlo will be back next time to pick up where we left off after the fall of the Song Dynasty.  On behalf of everyone here at the China History Podcast, we wish everyone a continue reading >>

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In this week’s episode Laszlo finishes off the Song Dynasty after the Jin Empire captures the royal family and sacks the capital in Kaifeng.  The Song dynasty continues on with the new capital in the south of China, below the Yangzi River.  Despite perilous times with hostile neighbors to the north, the dynasty enjoys continued continue reading >>
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This week’s episode runs a little longer than usual.  In it we examine the Northern Song Dynasty from 960 to 1127.  This was a precarious time for China. Despite three potentially menacing non-Han empires surrounding them to the north and west, China once again had another magnificent great leap forward of brilliance and innovation.  Together continue reading >>

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In today’s final installment covering the history of the great Tang Dynasty, we look at its agonizing decline until 907 when it is pushed aside and another period of disunity sets in.  Five Dynasties reign in the north, all short lived and not spectacular by any means.  In the south, after the Tang falls you continue reading >>
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Laszlo is back after a holiday illness to continue where we left off in 705 with the passing of Wu Zetian.  After an initial golden age during the Taizong emperor, the Tang will reach new heights of glory under Tang Minghuang a.k.a. the Xuanzong emperor.  The magnificent city of Chang’an is once again the center continue reading >>
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