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In this week’s episode we examine the second great emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Yongle [Yong - Leh] emperor who reigned 1402-1424.  This tireless emperor waged campaigns against the Mongols in the north, the Vietnamese in the south and sent sailing expeditions throughout Asia, the subcontinent and the east coast of Africa to engage continue reading >>
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Laszlo is back, finally, after a longer layoff than expected.  This week we look at the end of the Yuan dynasty and the founding of the Ming Dynasty.  We look at the first emperor Ming Taizu, a.k.a. The Hongwu Emperor.  With the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, once again Chinese are in control of the continue reading >>
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This week we take a break from the history to look at the background and the traditions surrounding Chinese New Year.  Laszlo will be back next time to pick up where we left off after the fall of the Song Dynasty.  On behalf of everyone here at the China History Podcast, we wish everyone a continue reading >>

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