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In an effort to bring some understanding to the recent proposed call for a resolution to formally acknowledge and express regret for banning Chinese immigration and other violated rights of the Chinese settlers, we examine the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act. The resolution was introduced by L.A.’s very own Rep. Judy Chu, the first continue reading >>

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非常抱歉大家! Sorry for the few day delay.  In a special collectors edition of the China History Podcast we review the Imperial China overviews of the past eight months.  We’ll quickly review the whole period from 2200 BC to 1912.  You can now follow the China History Podcast on Twitter @LaszloCHP.  Next time I’m late, I continue reading >>
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In this episode we conclude our eight month overview of Chinese Imperial history from Yu the Great of the Xia Dynasty to Puyi of the Qing.  After more than half a century of tragedy, upheaval, national humiliation and plenty of mass death and destruction, the Qing dynasty ends in 1912. Now as China takes her continue reading >>
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