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The China History Podcast

Since 2010, Laszlo Montgomery has presented The China History Podcast, bringing you the greatest hits from ancient and modern Chinese History. 

Jun 22, 2011

In this episode we look at the life of one of the bravest and greatest adventurers of ancient times.  Zhang Qian was selected by the Han Dynasty Emperor Wu to make a political alliance with a distant central Asian people, the Yuezhi. Zhang Qian’s thirteen year journey to the west between 138 BC and 126 continue...

Jun 16, 2011

May 4, 1919 was an historic day in modern Chinese history.  The demonstration in Beijing and the subsequent movement brought seismic changes to Chinese culture, politics and literature.  All the leaders of modern China who played a founding role in the establishment of the PRC were influenced by the writings and...

Jun 7, 2011

The Qing Dynasty formally came to an end on February 12, 1912 when the last emperor Puyi abdicated.  That same year the Republic of China was founded and had a very rocky start.  In today’s episode we look at the immediate aftermath of the Xinhai Revolution and what happened right after Sun Yat-sen handed the