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Today in Part 3 of our Deng Xiaoping overview we look at The Great One’s life from 1952 after his return from the Southwest Bureau all the way up to the start of the Cultural Revolution.

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This time we continue on with our overview of the great leader Deng Xiaoping.  We pick up in 1937 with the invasion by Japan, the civil war and the founding of the PRC. We examine Deng’s achievements all the way up to 1952, the year he left the Southwest Bureau and returned to Beijing to continue reading >>
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Laszlo is happily back in Cali with a new episode that looks at the early years of Deng Xiaoping.  Most of the narrative is based on passages gleaned from Ezra Vogel’s new biography of The Great One.  Inspired by the events of May Fourth 1919, Deng Xiaoping was a lifelong revolutionary and by the end continue reading >>
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