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In this week’s episode we get all the way up to the end of 1975.  With Zhou Enlai ailing and Mao Zedong also not long for the world, there is a sudden urgency to find a successor to the chairman.  Now more than ever the two opposing camps take every measure to defeat the other. continue reading >>
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In this episode we finish off 1969, a year that not only saw internal revolt and anarchy but also saw armed border confrontation with the Soviet Union in the freezing northeast.  Chairman Mao Zedong pulls out all the stops to quell the violence and rebellion that he himself called for at the outset of the continue reading >>
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In the fifth installment of our China History Podcast overview of the Cultural Revolution we look at the milestone events of 1967: The February Countercurrent, 8 Point Program, 10 Point Program and the Wuhan Incident.  Lots of blood and violence during this difficult year in China.  Added to this was no small amount of political, continue reading >>
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The second half of 1966 and into 1967 saw some of the worst excesses of the Cultural Revolution.  In this episode the violence spreads throughout China and anyone with something to hide about their class background is tracked down and forced to endure the most horrible of fates. Mao is liking what he sees and continue reading >>
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