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The China History Podcast

Since 2010, Laszlo Montgomery has presented The China History Podcast, bringing you the greatest hits from ancient and modern Chinese History. 

Jul 29, 2012

Laszlo is back after more than two weeks on the lam.  This time we look at part 1 of a series featuring the great adventurer/explorer/diplomat Zheng He.  Zheng He’s seven voyages to India, Persia and the east coast of Africa created a big sensation in the early 15th century. Today Chinese look back with pride

Jul 11, 2012

We’re back in ancient days again, this time the short period in between the Qin and Han Dynasties when two great leaders, Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, contended for the throne left vacant by the deceased first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang.  Xiang Yu has gone down in the annals of Chinese history as one continue...

Jul 2, 2012

In this final episode of the Cultural Revolution overview we look at the events that went down in 1976 as well as the massive mopping up operation that took place after the fall of the Gang of Four. TERMS FROM THIS EPISODE: Babaoshan 八宝山 Cemetery in Beijing reserved for leaders and revolutionary heroes laobaixing...