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Like Guan Yu in the previous episode 081, Yue Fei of the Southern Song Dynasty was a heroic and legendary military man in Chinese history.  He dedicated his life to resisting the aggression of the Jurchens of the Jin dynasty.  The Jurchens had booted the Song dynasty out of northern China in 1127.  Yue Fei continue reading >>

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We close out our three part series on the amazing life of Admiral Zheng He and his seven voyages. This time the CHP looks at retired submarine commander Gavin Menzies and his take on what Zheng He achieved.  He makes some wild claims that have been savagely attacked by educated people around the world.  If continue reading >>

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We continue on with the voyages of Zheng He.  This time we we look at some of the highlights from all seven voyages.  Then after the Yong Le and Xuan De emperors pass from the scene, no further emperors are interested to put their seal of approval on any more of these pricey expeditions.  With continue reading >>
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