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We continue this overview series on the history of Hong Kong.  This time we pick up right after the Treaty of Nanjing and look at the early efforts to get this colony up and running.  The first couple decades of Crown Colony of Hong Kong weren’t easy and many considered throwing in the towel early. continue reading >>

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TERMS FROM THIS EPISODE Chuanbi Caoyue 穿鼻草约 The Convention of Chuen-pi Nanjing Tiaoyue 南京条约 The Treaty of Nanjing Qishan 琦善 Manchu official and Elliot’s counterpart in negotiations Daoguang Emperor 道光帝 Emperor of China during the Opium Wars Huangpu 黄埔 Port of Whampoa Amoy 厦门 City of Xiamen in Fujian, referred to as Amoy in the old continue reading >>
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