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This episode takes a slightly deeper look at the Shang Dynasty and their signature achievement, the oracle bone script.  Some of this episode will be a repeat of things covered in CHP-015.  Like the oldest parts of the oldest world civilizations a lot of what we “know” is the collective guesswork of the best minds continue reading >>

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This week we look at the Canadian and international hero Dr. Norman Bethune.  Bethune is a staple among noted western friends and advisors who came to China in 1938 to help the Communists and the people in their struggle against the Japanese.  He was not only a great friend of China, but a gifted and continue reading >>
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This week we look at a topic many have heard about but aren’t familiar with the details.   We look at the early origins of the Jewish people in China and the time of the settlement in Kaifeng, Henan.  Although you’d be hard pressed to find a minyan amongst the native Jews in Kaifeng today, continue reading >>
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