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Laszlo finishes off this brief overview of The Honorable Company as tea takes center stage in the history. It's a very rough landing for the East India Company as their commercial rivals and political enemies gradually put an end to their winning run going back to the 17th century.

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Maybe this isn't the most "China history flavored" topic but The Honorable Company did play a somewhat starring role during the Qing Dynasty starting from about the Jiaqing Emperor.  In this first of a two-part series, I am offering you an overview of who they were, where they came from and how they came to be so hated by so many.  I originally did this series for Cathay Pacific Airways' Inflight Entertainment system as an accompaniment to the "Taboo" miniseries starring Tom Hardy.  And now I'm taking these leftovers out of the fridge, taking the foil off and after sixty seconds in the it two easy to digest parts.  Enjoy!
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In this episode, Laszlo looks at U.S. Immigration during the bad old days of Chinese Exclusion. The subject will be examined through the telling of the stories of three rather plain and non-extraordinary brothers from Haiyang Village in Toi San (Taishan in Mandarin). These three Moy brothers were featured in Scott Seligman's 2013 book "Three Tough Chinamen" (Earnshaw Books). In addition to the Chinese Exclusion laws, Laszlo briefly introduces the life of another Toisanese, Ng Poon Chew. And at no extra price, Laszlo also gives the history of the Taishan region a nice neat overview. Check the links below for more great reading.

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