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We continue on from last episode's overview of the Chinese martial arts history timeline. Today we zero in on the history and (mostly) legends behind the Wing Chun style of king fu.  We'll also look at Grandmaster Ip Man and all those Wing Chin greats who came before him going back to the founder Ng Mui (Wu Mei).I wanted to emphasize that almost all of what we know about Wing Chun today was passed down orally before it was written down late in its history.  We only know the names of the great masters mentioned in this episode, through the stories and legends that were told and re-told to successive generations of Wing Chun martial artists.

Thanks to Detroit attorney and unofficial Wing Chun ambassador Michael Benkstein for all the support and input that went into this series. And thanks also to Peter Söderbaum for his kind comments

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Don't be fooled by the title. Wing Chin and Ip Man will be covered next episode. Today's the first in a two part series that offers up a survey of the development of martial arts in China from the mythical times of the Yellow Emperor to the present day. Let's look at the China history timeline once more, with feeling, and see how these martial arts embraced by millions and millions around the world slowly developed through the centuries. This will serve as the setup to next episode when we zero in on one particular style of martial arts and one of its best known masters.

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