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We're back in ancient times once again, this time looking at the homeland of the Hokkien people. As we've done with other groups of Southern Chinese (Teochew, Toi San, Hakka) this time Laszlo provides a broad overview of the people from the south of Fujian Province, the Hokkien or Hoklo people.  Before we get into the Qing era diaspora, Laszlo focuses on how Fujian developed from a land populated by Yuè people to a part of Han Dynasty China with a focus on the Minyue Kingdom.

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In this longer than expected Part 2 episode we look at Wellington Koo's role in the Paris Peace Conference and all the drama that surrounded this historic event from one hundred years ago.  Then we'll look at the rest of Koo's career as a statesman, diplomat and later as a judge.  

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