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The CHP 8-Part series on the history of Tang Poetry concludes with this episode that looks at the lives of three more poets:  Li He, Du Mu and Li Shangyin.  And for an encore Laszlo will recite poems from all three of these greats.  The Late Tang period of Chinese poetry was marked with all the signs of an imperial house in decline.  It was a sad and melancholy time and quite a few Late Tang poems expressed the hopelessness felt during these sorrowful years.

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In this seventh installment of the history of Tang poetry we move on to the Middle Tang period. While the poetry might not be as celebrated as that produced during the High Tang, there were still many figures beloved in their own time and all through the centuries. We'll look at three of them in this episode: Bai Juyi, Yuan Zhen and Xue Tao. Next episode we'll finish off the series with the Late Tang poets.

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Laszlo finishes up the High Tang period of Chinese poetry. Wang Wei and Meng Haoran are showcased in this episode.

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