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In Part 5 Laszlo gives the backstory to the Anhui-Zhili War and introduces another warlord, the famous Zhang Zuolin…The Manchurian Warlord.  With this civil war within the Beiyang Organization, the unity that existed since the time of Yuan Shikai is smashed.  We'll look at the very brief war between the forces of Duan Qirui and their Zhili opponents led by Wu Peifu as well as the aftermath up to and including the First Zhili-Fengtian War, 1922-1924.

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The saga continues with the splintering of the Beiyang Army into factions or cliques who will battle each other for supremacy of the government. Hubei military governor Wang Zhanyuan will be examined as one of the textbook examples of how these generals evolved into warlords. Zhili Clique leaders Cao Kun and Wu Peifu will also be introduced.

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