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Part 8 in this series first presents a brief overview of "The Model Governor" Yan Xishan and his home province of Shanxi. After some daring moves on Chiang Kai-shek's part, he bests his opponents and takes control of the KMT and the National Revolutionary Army. Under his command, Chiang launches the Northern Expedition. This episode will focus on the fateful years of 1926-1927.

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In this Part 7 episode, the decade of battling warlords is coming to an end.  Anhui and Zhili, then Zhili and Fengtian...and then Zhili and Fengtian again...The last of these series of clashes between warlords contending for supremacy in China will be the Anti-Fengtian War (covered in this very episode).  After 1925 everyone had had enough with these military governors.  Was anyone going to step up and take them on and deal with the warlords once and for all?  In these final years it won't be warlords fighting each other as much as they will be fighting for their own survival.

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Things were looking on the up and up for Wu Peifu after his defeat of Zhang Zuolin in the First Zhili-Fengtian War. In this episode we look at the years 1922-24 and the Second Zhili-Fengtian War.  And you can't talk about the Second Zhiuli-Fengtian War without also mentioning the Jiangsu-Zhejiang War. The Christian Warlord Feng Yuxiang is featured in this episode.  Besides the old stalwarts, also mentioned in this episode will be Lu Yongxiang, Qi Xieyuan, Sun Chuanfang and Zhang Zongchang. Still have a few more major warlords to go before we come to the end of this tale.

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