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After inserting that 10-Year Anniversary special 7-Part program in between last episode (Part 7) and this one, we're back with more Xinjiang in Part 8.  Lots of action happening during the 9th to 13th centuries.  We start off with the great Uyghur diaspora that followed after the fall of the Uyghur Khaganate in 840.  In this episode we'll see what happened to them after they arrived in Gansu and Xinjiang.  We'll also skim the surface to review the Kara-Khanid and Kara-Khitai Khanates who both had such a profound influence on shaping the future development of Central Asia and the spread of Islam. 

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In this episode we finish off the 1972 visit of Richard Nixon to the PRC.  The series finale looks at the exciting meeting between the two leaders, Nixon and Mao and relive "the week that changed the world." 

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In Part 6 of this CHP 10-Year Anniversary Program looking back at the visit to China in 1972 of Richard Nixon, we're still in October 1971.  Kissinger is deftly trying to get Zhou Enlai to back off on few points. Because the communique could not be finalized General Al Haig was sent back in January to nail down final details for the visit of Nixon in February 1972.  And then the moment happens.  Nixon lands in Beijing and has that magic moment with Zhou Enlai at the steps of Air Force One.  Next episode we'll conclude with the actual visit of Nixon and his historic meetings with Mao and Zhou.

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The drama continues in this Part 5 episode....Kissinger is briefing Nixon on his secret visit in July 1971.  Not everything was nailed down in this one single visit.  It would take another trip in October to almost but not quite get all the negotiations and preparations taken care of. Nixon announced this breakthrough to the American people in prime time.  The secret was out.  The problem of how to handle Taiwan was still not settled and a lot remained to be discussed.  Lots of action going on...including an attempted coup by Lin Biao.

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Welcome back to the CHP 10-Year special bonus episodes that review US-China relations from 1969 to 1972.  This time in Part 4 we see how the talks in Beijing went between two very smooth operators: Zhou Enlai and Henry A. Kissinger.  We'll close out the episode with Kissinger back in the States giving his boss, the president, the whole skinny on the July 9-11, 1971 visit and the discussions.

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Things are really heating up as we start Part 3 of this special 10-Year Anniversary special program.  In this episode we re-live the drama of ping-pong diplomacy and breakthrough in the talks.  Zhou Enlai agrees to meet with Henry Kissinger.  The dates of July 9-11, 1971 are agreed upon.  And we close this episode with the secret visit to Beijing by Kissinger and the face to face meetings with Zhou Enlai.

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Thanks for coming back to Part 2 of this special CHP 10-Year Special Series.  The focus is in 1969-1970 with the US and PRC sending signals through their mutual Pakistani, French and Romanian friends. China is still dealing with a border war with the Soviets. The Vietnam War was not letting up.  Finally Zhou Enlai sends written word that a presidential envoy is welcome to visit and discuss the subject of Taiwan and other matters of mutual concern. 

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Back in November 2010 when I started the China History Podcast I presented a two-part series on the visit to China in 1972 of Richard Nixon.  Those were the old episodes CHP-008 and 009.  I retired those from the back catalog and would like to present this total makeover version instead.  Here is Part 1 of a seven part series that will come your way over the next 2 weeks. The reason I chose this topic over so many others is this. Looking at the seemingly hopeless state of US-China relations at this time in 2020, it's important to remember we were in similar circumstances before and still found a way to hold our noses and get along with each other all these years.  The US and China are racing  along a dangerous path right now and maybe there's something we can learn in looking back at those years between 1969-1972. Admittedly these are vastly different times compared to then.  We can work it out. In Part 1 this time we'll get an overview of just how bad US and PRC relations were between 1949 to 1969.

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In this arguably milestone 250th episode we finally get around to the Uyghurs. Their ancient history is discussed and how they rose from one of several tribes in a Turkic confederation to their own Khaganate. The Tang Dynasty is finished off and a new religion (not Manichaeism, Nestorian Church, Buddhism, or Zoroastrianism) will start knocking on China's door.

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We finally make it to the Tang Dynasty and their Protectorate to Pacify the West.  Their adventures out in Xinjiang lasted off and on for about a hundred and fifty years.  In this episode I'll try and sort out the major events and players who made up this high point in Silk Road trade.  The history in Xinjiang was dominated by Tang China, various Turkic tribes and a very powerful and warlike Tibetan Empire.

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The saga continues, and how exciting it's becoming! The Göktürks, the Sui Dynasty, Buddhism galore and lots of historic times to all starting to happen. In this Part 5 episode the plot thickens and Xinjiang is getting a facelift. In a few hundred years you will hardly recognize it.  

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This episode we bid farewell to the Han Dynasty and hello to a long period of a disunited China. The states and kingdoms of the basins of Xinjiang catch a bit of a break. We take a quick look at a few of the kingdoms of the southern Tarim Basin as well as Turpan. And what episode would be complete without some nomadic bad guys causing the Chinese so much stress? We also look at the Rouran and the Hephthalites.

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More Han Dynasty for you in this Part 3 episode with a special focus on the great diplomat and general Ban Chao.   Back in those Han Dynasty days Xinjiang was still considered very far away and not so easy to hold onto.  From the Han till the Tang, as Silk Road riches continue to grow along the trade routes, China will be in and out of the Western regions and face all kinds of competition for the great wealth contained within the Tarim and Turpan basins.

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In this Part 2 episode we leave pre-history behind and look at Xinjiang's importance during the Qin and Han dynasties. Here is where the Han Chinese interaction with these lands far to the west began. Though a good portion of today's episode doesn't actually take place in Xinjiang, the story of the Yuezhi, Xiongnu, Zhang Qian and rise of Han Dynasty China is central to everything that follows later. 

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In this CHP episode we start a new multi-part series that looks at the history of the land known today as Xinjiang. This series will cover about 4000 years of history starting in this episode with the Tarim Mummies.

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In this final installment introducing the life and death of Kawashima Yoshiko we look at the last decade and a half of her strange and tragic life.  Last episode her star was on the rise.  But after 1933 it's one long slow steady decline into madness and despair. 

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We continue on with Part 2 of the strange life of the Manchu Princess, Kawashima Yoshiko.  Now she's on her own, in China, without any "adult supervision" and in full sartorial splendor.  The early years of the 1930's are presenting a few opportunities for Yoshiko after making all kinds of new "friends" in Shanghai.    

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We leave the warlords behind but not the time period. This time, in this first of a three part series, we examine the strange and tragic life of Kawashima Yoshiko. Born a princess in the Manchu Qing royal family, she went on to have quite an extraordinary life. In this Part 1 episode we'll look at her early days and rehash some old Qing Dynasty history from the 17th century

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In this concluding episode we close the book on this China Warlord Era overview that began in 1916 and lingered on and on until 1930.  By the time it was over Japan was on the cusp on their invasion of Manchuria plunging China into another national crisis.  In Part Ten we'll look at Zhang Zongchang's Warlord Rebellion in Northeast Shandong and a special focus on Liu Zhennian, the Red Spears and the Central Plains War.

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As the Northern Expedition ramps up and the Warlord Era starts to wind down, there's still plenty of action and violence to go around. In this episode we look at the events following the Shanghai Massacre when Chiang and his "ally" Wang Jingwei take the fight to Zhang Zuolin's northern warlord alliance. The Manchurian Warlords meets his end in this episode. We'll finish off the series next time in Part 10.

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