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This is the Du Fu episode. Along with Li Bai, discussed last episode, he's considered the greatest poet in Chinese history. That's of course a matter of opinion. We'll take a brief look at the rough road Du Fu had to walk most of his years. In addition to looking at his life we'll hear a few of his regulated verse poems.

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Li Bai is showcased in this fourth installment of Laszlo's not very deep dive into the history of Tang poetry. We're still in the High Tang period of Chinese poetry. This episode will focus more on Li Bai's story (and legend) rather than an in-depth analysis of his poetry. He, along with several other poets from this time are cultural icons and treasures of the Chinese people. Check the links and resources for other scholarly and biographical info on Li Bai, Du Fu and other great Tang poets. This episode is especially geared towards those CHP listeners who may have never heard these names before.

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